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Infinite Therapeutics is a division of Infinite Creative Enterprises (I.C.E.), a privately held company with a 20-year record of commitment to excellence. Our extraordinary success is powered by a management team with over 60 years combined experience in product design, manufacturing, and supply chain logistics. Our executive team is integrally involved from product inception to final QA/QC.

In 2009, we successfully launched our line of Infinity™ Therapeutic Massage Chairs and spa-quality personal massage products, all of which have been praised by the furniture industry. Infinite Therapeutics backs the product set with complete end-to-end solutions, from pre-sales support to post-sales technical assistance. We are dedicated to increasing the well-being of our clients and to providing the absolute best in customer service.

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Thank you

"You made this long distance process really easy – even in the midst of a historic storm!"

- M. Hare

"You provide the Absolute Best in customer care and we are grateful for all your support... The chair is Great! Thanks"

- Ted G.

Thanks to all of you

"Ian, I feel compelled to write to thank you, Tim, Tony, and whomever else had a role in helping me fix my IT-6900. At about four months old the chair experienced an unusual 'glitch' that I reported to your company. Your team listened to my evaluation of the issue and responded by quickly sending two components that could be at fault. I followed the directions that were with the parts and after a few minutes the chair was better than ever. I use my chair every morning to relieve discomfort caused by diabetic neuropathy, so I really appreciated your speedy response. The chair was within the warranty period so there was no cost to me. Thanks to all of you. I will recommend your company whenever I can for fair pricing and excellent customer support."

- Frank, Palm Bay, FL