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At Electro Medics, we pride ourselves on personal service and professional support. We offer clients end-to-end dependability and responsiveness. We are closely involved from design and manufacture, to delivery and installation. We're committed to providing a smooth and easy purchase to complement our therapeutic products.


Where is Electro Medics based?+

Electro Medics has the largest foot print in South Africa with exhibitions in the following malls for your convenience:

  • Sandton City Shopping Centre
  • The Glen Shopping Centre
  • The Pavilion Shopping Centre
  • Tyger Valley Shopping Centre

Who is Electro Medics+

Electro Medics is "The Largest Provider of Massage and Wellness products in South Africa for over 35 years.

We at Electro Medics pride ourselves to be the most innovative provider of self help personal healthcare products that enables people to be pro-active in the maintenance of their health, general well being as well as total relaxation. A host of electronic and manually operated massage products are available from hand massagers to the latest 3D massage in South Africa.

Is Electro Medics BEE Compliant?+

Yes, Electro Medics is BEE Compliant

How can I buy an Electro Medics massage chair/product?+

You can phone us and place an order on 0861 22 28 22 or on 061 403 7355. You can also email us on

What is my warranty?+

Electro Medics stands behind each and every massage chair produced and sold to our customers. We do this by offering a 6 year "Peace of Mind" Warranty as well as a Lifetime Service Warranty.
Approved by the:
NRCS - National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications in South Africa
CE - Certificate of Conformity
EC - Declaration of Conformity

What is a free home demonstration?+

We offer a free, no obligation home demonstration service by appointment only. We realise the best way for anyone to experience the chair is to try it in the privacy and comfort of their own home

What if I experience a problem with my massage chair or massage product?+

Electro Medics offers world class customer service. Please call us on 0861 22 28 22 for technical support and assistance.

How much does delivery and installation cost?+

Part of Electro Medics world class customer service, is that we do not charge for delivery or installation within South Africa – terms and conditions apply.

How long does installation of my massage chair take?+

Our team will install your Electro Medics Massage Chair within an hour. A professional demonstration will follow to ensure peace of mind. Your old chair is old news, so we'll remove it free of charge should you require us to.

How can I pay for a massage product?+

We are committed to provide a smooth and easy purchase so we offer the following options:

  • We accept cash
  • We accept EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer)
  • We accept all major Credit, Debit cards, RCS cards, American Express cards and Zapper. For your convenience we will bring a credit card machine along.
What happens if my massage chair is struck by lightning?+

We are the only company to undertake insurance repair work.

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"Approximately 8 months ago I had the opportunity to have had an apparatus, manufactured by Electro Medics demonstrated to me. Since then this apparatus has been used by my family and I. I hereby wish to confirm that it has brought permanent relief to rheumatic conditions from which I have suffered for years. My family have also used this equipment for sprained muscles and pulled ligaments."

- L.T. van Zyl

"I am 85 years of age and the massager is the only solution for pains, ailment and any form of rheumatism. Right from the very first time I used it, I experienced relief from muscular pains and migraine."

- J.A. Jacobs

"I was involved in a motor accident. I sustained injury to 3 necks vertebrae and 2 vertebrae of the back, a shoulder and a leg. Then calcification of the neck vertebrae set in; the doctor said the disc had dried up. At night I couldn’t sleep on account of the pain; my arms went numb and ached. I bought your apparatus and after two months I was a different person and could live again."

- JJ Prinsloo

"My back was seriously hurt in a car accident, in the du Toits Kloofpass. My doctor told me I would never walk again. Within six months after I started using the Electro Medics chair I started walking."

- P Morrison

"I LOVE this chair. It is so relaxing that I find myself sighing throughout the entire experience. I have been an insomniac all of my life and have gone from sleeping 3-4 hrs a night to as much as 8 1/2 hrs! I find myself smiling after leaving the chair and for a while afterwards. The rollers are sometimes too intense for me, but I have found that putting a small, folded blanket on the chair makes the pressure just right."

- P Soni

"Love it Love it Love it!!!!! It does everything except cook for me LOL. Thanks Again"

- Z Abraham

"Zero regrets buying this chair. I use it 2 to 3 times a day it is absolutely incredible. The programming on the chair is great, depending on how my body is feeling at the moment I can choose a specific setting on the remote for maximum rejuvenation."

- O Kalaben