Pedicure Deluxe Spa Massage Chair

Combining the elegance of our sculptural glass bowl with the efficiencies of a pipe-less whirlpool system and the comforts of a full massage chair. Electro Medics Pedicure Spa is truly the couture pedicure spa, ideal for your Day Spa and Salon.

Stress free, full shiatsu massage.

Electro Medics Pedicure Spa Massage Chairs are designed to enhance natural healing and wellness through the healing power of shiatsu massage. The result is a massage chair experience that optimally enhances health and well-being while reducing stress.

Pipe-Less jet:

Electro Medics Pedicure Spa Massage Chairs use pipe-less hydro massage jets that do not require air channels, bulky pumps or blowers and the resulting benefits are endless: cleaner, quieter, lower maintenance required and safer.

Glass bowl:

Electro Medics Pedicure Spa Massage Chairs uses glass bowls that are made of borosilicate glass, which is a unique formulation that is more scratch and stain resistant as well as being shatter-proof as compared to the soda-lime glass that is currently on the market.



At Electro Medics, we pride ourselves on personal service and professional support. We offer clients beginning-to-end dependability and responsiveness. We are closely involved from design and manufacture, to delivery and installation. We’re committed to providing a smooth and easy purchase to complement our therapeutic products.


  • Premium full function industrial grade massage.
  • Textured glass basin with beautiful iridescent finish.
  • LED light therapy.
  • Lifting armrest designed for ease of use.
  • Comfort and relaxation are offered by the height-adjustable foot rest.
  • Foldable wood trays with built in cup holders.
  • Elegant space efficient design.
  • Accepts disposable industry standard liners.

Our Pedicure Spa Massage Chairs is Built to Stand the Test of Time.

  • Hand Built and Hand Wrapped
  • Backed by 3 Decades of Research and Development
  • Lifetime Live Technical Support
  • Chemically Bonded to prevent loosening due to mechanical vibrations
  • Nano Protected, prolonging the service by simply insulating the massage chair from corrosion
  • Free Delivery and Free Installation
  • Industrial Quality
  • 3 Year “Peace of Mind” Warranty

Approved by the

  • NRCS – National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications in South Africa
  • CE – Certificate of Conformity